Warsaw, September 11, 2003
Artur Zawisza

Member of Parliament
  Dear Mr.
Waldemar Dħbrowski
Minister of Culture
      I turn to you with an inquiry regarding polish authorities care on the graves of Polish Army soldiers, who died and were buried in Germany. Raising this subject in the earlier correspondence I'd like to ask about the following questions:
  • does the Ministry, as well as polish diplomatic posts in Germany, have full documentation on the graves of polish soldiers in Germany?;
  • is it true that polish graves are spread in about 600 towns in Germany?;
  • does the Ministry share the opinion that most of the tombs are not marked properly, according to the requirements of the Geneva Convention from 1949 and require assisance?;
  • can the Ministry confirm the information that most Polish Army soldiers in Germany do not lie on military graveyards, but on so called Zwangsarbeiter graveyards of different nationalities and sex?;
  • is it true that polish soldiers lie under the lawn of Soviet graveyard of prisoners in Oberlangen and on the graveyard in Cloppenburg there are many broken tombstones?;
  • do the representatives of polish authorities or the diplomacy visit the graves of Polish Army soldiers in Germany and is their wider review considered in order to confirm their real status?